We Need Us

I was co-commissioned by The Space and the Open Data Institute to create a new online artwork using live data from Zooniverse. We Need Us is a real-time online animated artwork that explores…


Data as Culture

Data as Culture is the term we gave to the process of selecting, commissioning and curating data-driven artworks for the UK’s Open Data Institute (ODI). The ODI and MzTEK created…


PROTOTYPE: lepidopteral

Key words: remote data, group behaviours, butterflies, moths, nitinol, arduino, prototype Lepidopteral is a multi-object computer-controlled kinetic artwork that responds to environmental data fluctuations. The work questions whether biological behaviour…

logic interface


An experiment in story-writing and sonic narrative (part of work at Queen Mary University of London) Ototoxic – A short story I don’t find it pleasant to revisit that…


PROTOTYPE: bird and the moon

A seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light, effectively an array of white LEDs, has been hacked so the brightness of the light responds to data from a remote site – in this instance a light sensor at the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin. Access to the real-time data is provided by Pachube*.

P1010604 Tea Flock julie freeman

Tea Flock

Tea Flock A dynamic gaggle of unfilled vessels flock to tea-rich lands for a nourishing brew. Social tea rituals fulfill global migration and are hacked into local cultures. Gathering for coffee, shoaling…


Market Project

Market Project est.2010 is a collaborative initiative by seven artists/curators who are all based in the East of England. We work regionally, nationally and internationally in a variety of media…



“I am intrigued and inspired by digital technology – how it can be used to interact and communicate with the natural world, enabling appreciation of the obscured or concealed, and how it can exhibit truth or lies with equal gravitas, sometimes purposefully misinterpreting reality. I am interested in the translation of hidden biological systems through abstraction or metaphor, as visual, sound, or object. My work, which spans art, science and technology, is rarely predictable as I often construct frameworks through which data can oscillate.”

the_obs_sep09 - 15

the observatories

The ethical implications of subliminal psychological manipulation are huge. It is said that the arts can be masters of communication, but what if the message is being communicated subliminally? And what if that message is not a concrete fact but an emotional feeling, something that drives you to act? Techniques are used to manipulate how you think and feel in the environment you are in. What are these techniques that make us feel those fight or flight or must-buy-it-now urges?

The Observatories is an experimental art work developed by Pink & Freeman, a scientist artist team that explores psychological manipulation of consumers… will you buy into it? Take part and find out…

specious dialogue I

specious dialogue III

Specious* Dialogue III consists of a pair of movable, sculptural concrete forms that house wireless audio playback systems. Mounted on pairs of swivel castors the forms are designed to be played with – pushed, rolled, kicked and shoved around the exhibition space. They are physical audio curiosities with personality.


dogs’ ears

Playfully subversive, fun and thought provoking, Dogs’ Ears is a visually arresting online installation that explores the beauty and language of the dog ear.

Presented as a video chat website, where visitors can log in, browse dogs and instant message with them online, Dogs’ Ears spotlights both the human attraction to dogs and the future of arts patronage in the digital era.

theLAKE screenshot

the lake

Please see The Lake microsite – for animation, audio, photos and more details. This pioneering work of digital art was installed at the Tingrith Fishery over the summer of 2005….

in particular

LATEST NEWS: Nano Novels exhibited at a BioCentre event on nanotechnology at the House of Lords on 28th February 2011 In Particular shortlisted for an Arts&Business Award! Julie Freeman is…

Picture 4

b) nanotextures

HearIMPROV was an experimental audiovisual concert which visualised sound, and targeted people interested in improvisation, audiovisual media, and more specifically, people with hearing difficulties. Adinda van ‘t Klooster invited 3…


specious dialogue

Specious Dialogue consists of a pair of movable, sculptural forms that house battery powered wireless recording and playback systems, and tiny cameras that monitor their positions. Mounted on pairs of…


digital wave

The work was commissioned by Gestetner to launch an initiative to highlight the use of digital technology in creative practice and its impact on society. Julie, Stewart and Jons concept…


in sound mind

In Sound Mind is a demanding sonic artwork, playing pleasant soundscapes, such as bubbling brooks or wind through the trees, and then interrupting itself with screams, twisted laughter or the…


the time machine

the time machine that is landscape Four disciplines, four interpretations, one place. The sensorial delight of the Cornish landscape was brought to London by four artists in an uniquely immersive…



Recorded and mixed by me and Stephen Wolff at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in July 2004. Part of COMA Summer School. Thirteen (MP3 3.42mb)

PRPS_cube diag


Disperse is one of fourteen proposals commissioned by Proboscis for Public Reveries, Private Spaces (PRPS), a SoMa reaserch project, from leading artists and designers addressing the theme of converging media technologies (internet, radio, interactive television, wireless & mobile communications etc.) and their social and cultural impact on the shifting relationship between private and public spaces.


studio fish

Studio Fish was incorporated as a limited company in spring 1994 by artists and creative specialists in communications, design, concept development, component and application programming, curating and fine art. It…


a chance to whistle

A Chance to Whistle, the exhibition, was a celebration of the French comedy director, producer, actor and international mine artist Jacques Tati. Exploring the nature of communication using new time-based…



The concept developed by Hollington Associates required studiofish to create specialist software to be developed that interfaced between a digital camera, analogue clacker boards and a computer system whilst realising…


digital media studio

An interactive educational exhibit designed by studiofish to expose how the digital technology is used (often to mislead) in the media. Users select a role as a Photojournalist, Digital Video…

Screen shot 2012-07-11 at 22.40.52


Elematrix exemplifies the relationship between science and art in the imaging of form, harnessing the unique quality of the digital medium, that of process, picturing science, producing art. The work…


maximum cube

Maximum Cube was one of five new digital art exhibitions for the South East coast in 2000. Funded by the Arts Council of England, the ‘Event Coast’ programme is a…