translating nature

Julie Freeman

My art work spans visual, audio and digital art forms and explores how science and technology changes our relationship to nature. Often working collaboratively, I experiment in transforming complex processes and data sets into sound compositions, objects and animations playing with the notion of data as an art material. I focus on questioning the use of electronic technologies to ‘translate nature’.

I work with organisations, academia and artists to curate, develop and produce works, projects and exhibitions around the concept of data.


  • An artist
  • Co-founder and Creative Director of Fine Acts. 2015-present where my focus is on human rights activism and social change through the intersection of art and technology.
  • Art Associate at the Open Data Institute (ODI)
  • Founder of the ODI’s Data as Culture art programme (lead together with Hannah Redler-Hawes from 2015) curating and exhibiting artists working with data. 2012-2019
  • TED Senior Fellow. 2013-present
  • A doctor of philosophy. Awarded a PhD from the School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London titled Defining Data as an Art Material. Part of the Media & Arts Technology DTC. Awarded 2018
  • A trainee taxidermist
  • A (cold water) swimmer
  • Something to do with Punk Muppet Opera

I’ve been:

  • Co-founder of Signal Arts Group, a low-cost artist studio provider in South London. 2010-2016
  • Research Fellow Seed Media Group‘s Phyllotaxis Lab, NY. Summer 2012
  • A TED fellow. 2011
  • Member and co-founder of Market Project, researching and sharing new methods or opportunities for artistic professional and economic development. 2010-2012
  • A board member of MzTek, a nonprofit collective with the aim of encouraging women artists to pick up technical skills in the fields of new media, computer arts, and technology. 2009-
  • Cohort member of Method, exploring artist practitioners leadership through the Arts Council’s Cultural Leadership Programme for artist as leaders. 2009
  • Artist-in-residence at Microsystems and Nanotechnology Centre, Cranfield University, supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. 2007-2009
  • A NESTA Fellow. Awarded a two year fellowship through an anonymous nomination system enabling time to develop software and hardware systems that expose natural systems, bringing them closerto people. 2003 onwardsLepidopteral - detail
  • Chairperson and steering group member of FreqOUT! a London based community education programme for young people. It seeks to explore the artistic and educational potential of wireless technology in order to engage socially excluded young people living in the 20% most deprived areas of the UK. 2006-2010
  • Co-founder and Director of Studio Fish Ltd, one of the early artist-led organisations set-up solely to use digital media in creative and innovative ways. 1994-2001
  • Graduate of the MA Digital Arts at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University, London. 1997

You can contact me:

:: email julie |at| translatingnature |dot| org

:: twitter @joz_freeman


Playful with intellectual steel