digital runway

digital runway

Digital Runway consists of a series of pressure pads which are laid out in a long line on a platform and wired up to a computer keyboard. The pressure pads are simple switches which, when walked upon, activates a key on the keyboard and triggers an event in the software which is then simultaneously projected onto the gallery wall. When an individual or group walks along the simulated runway (complete with runway markings and lighting), they are changing the images they see before them, not only revealing the garments but also the research and inspiration behind the collection. This exposes elements of the design process that the public would never normally witness.

Fashion: Simon Thorogood

Installation: Spore (Suzanne Lee, Ben Sheehan)

Original Music: Matthew Harden.

· Fast Forward: Fashion in the Media of the 90’s, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, 15 April – 6 June 1999
· CCAC Institute. San Francisco. 22 January – 4 March 2000.
· The Grey Area, ICA, London, 24 – 28 September 2000
· Box, Mexico City, 10 – 17 August 2002

Contact: Suzanne Lee