learning stream

An interactive audio visual experience in the Millennium Dome. The slightly surreal ‘infinite orchard’ was designed to illustrate changes in opportunities that can enable us to learn at different times, places and ages through lateral thinking and new technologies. studiofish conceived and created a digital stream that flowed through the orchard across 50 networked PCs, […]


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about spore

Spore was a collective of six artists and designers from diverse backgrounds including music, animation, fashion, photography, sculpture and design technology who shared a common interest in digital media. Spore was keen to establish a reputation for producing work that focuses on the cultural impact of digital media while reflecting its members’ multiplicity of histories. […]

digital runway

Digital Runway consists of a series of pressure pads which are laid out in a long line on a platform and wired up to a computer keyboard. The pressure pads are simple switches which, when walked upon, activates a key on the keyboard and triggers an event in the software which is then simultaneously projected […]




Regimes – the politics of partying, No.1 Fashion Facism, starring The Divine David plus others, Bobby Friction, Imran Khan, Michael Murphy. Enhancements: The Torture Garden, studiofish An instant digital portrait booth for clubbers was installed by studiofish, and a photo album website created post-event. One-off event – 8 March 1999 at Cafe de Paris, London, […]

digital sketchbook

An interactive installation combining fashion environment and experience. This installation comprised a reactive floor area which mimicked the catwalk fashion experience and allowed the visitor to affect changes to visual imagery. Multiple screens (55) surrounding the unit reacted to single or accumulated visitor actions. The imagery displayed a combination of mannequin graphics and text which […]


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A multi-user interactive digital installation. Consisting of a pillar of 16 computer VDUs, 4 to each face – the audience were provided with a virtual aquarium. The movement and position of differently coloured animated fish which swam within the networked environment caused sequences of sound and tones to be heard. Each face of the pillar […]


sub.merge – enhanced clubbing experience. inertia is not an option. Experimental night using custom written software that controlled the lighting system in response to the density of the crowd on the dance floor. Sound: Ian O’Brien, Digs & Whoosh, DJ Wada, Andrew Weatherall Live: Co-Fusion, Scanner. Visuals/FX: AudioRom, D-Fuse, Tractor, Greyworld, VJamm, Coldcut, Lauren Goode, […]



white noise

White Noise, was a collaborative installation created to complement the couture collection by Simon Thorogood. The White Noise installation draws on the unique garment design process as practised by Thorogood. The work addresses issues concerning generative systems and chance procedure in musical composition fused with an aesthetic of primitive computer graphics. The installation consists of […]

artephyshal life

An underwater interactive sound environment where movements of fish in a tank were transformed into a flowing 3D soundscape. The fish were tracked in the tank via a custom built tracking system that comprised a digital video feed, fish tags and software developed in the C language. Artephyshal Life observes the convergence between the natural […]


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a day in the life of…

The National Disability Arts Forum’s ‘A Day In The Life Of…’ was a unique exhibition project which was designed to offer a creative opportunity to a thousand participants. 1000 disposable cameras were distributed to people with differing interests, abilities, ages, occupations and backgrounds. The final show would consist of a single selected image from each […]

sounds of resistance

A sonic climbing frame creating complex sound relationships from physical interaction. While the piece works with a single user, it was designed to encourage group participation. By virtue of their tactile presence, participants contributed to the creation of a unique real time sound composition. Installation: July 1997 at Quick Silver Place, London, UK by MA […]



we three

An interactive video installation that requires audience cooperation in order to produce an animation of unpredictable form. By trying to emulate the image in front of them, the user enables the system to grab their image in silhouette capturing slight variations of movement and creating an animation.     Installation: July 1997 at Quick Silver […]