Key Project Summary Rodent Activity Transmission systems is a collaboration with Dr Chris Faulkes and his colony of naked mole-rats, and comprises data art, data visualisation, soft-robotic sculptures and more.

The Lake. A site-specific work housed in a nine meter cylindrical tower, The Lake used hydrophones, custom software and advanced technology to track bio-acoustically tagged fish and translate their movement into an audio-visual experience. Developed during my NESTA fellowship. (Also see Artephyshal Life – the precursor to this created in 1997 using artificial life programming techniques.)

We Need Us. An online experimental animation using live data from activity on a website ( to create animation and soundscapes in real-time.

Digital Wave was an interactive digital artwork 3m high and 15m long. The work was commissioned by Gestetner to launch an initiative highlighting the use of digital technology in creative practice and its impact on society.

Specious Dialogue consists of a pair of movable, sculptural concrete forms that house wireless audio playback systems. Mounted on swivel castors the forms are designed to be played with in the exhibition space. Commissioned by Cybersonica.

In Particular A series of 16 text pairs and graphic poster images, completed at the Nanotechnology Centre, Cranfield University, in collaboration with Professor Jeremy Ramsden.

Dogs’ Ears (2008) An on-line video chat platform, with crowd-sourcing style patronage system. A comment on the value of digital art, it was accompanied by a panel discussion called Patronise Me! at the ICA, London.
Please use this free login to chat to dogs-    User: ears Passwd: woof

TEDx talk on data and art:

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