specious dialogue III

Specious* Dialogue III consists of a pair of movable, sculptural concrete forms that house wireless audio playback systems.

specious dialogue I

The pair spew an emotional dialogue, they bicker, coo fragments of love, they shout, scream and whisper, they are lonely lovers or clinging siblings. They miss each other, but also get angry and need their space. These multi-layered, twisted, specious conversations flip between mundanity, humour, drunkenness, apathy, passion, conspiracy and irritation.

Mounted on pairs of swivel castors the forms are designed to be played with – pushed, rolled, kicked and shoved around the exhibition space. They are physical audio curiosities with personality.

The mobility of the work enables the pair of forms that comprise Specious Dialogue to intervene in other artworks, be muffled by a coat, encroach on visitor conversations, or be united in a conspiratorial corner. However they are encountered, they expect to be touched or moved in some way, at the very least they want to be listened to. By enabling this physical interaction with the objects the listener perhaps becomes an unwitting performer moving the sound, catching it, passing it to someone else, changing the sound dynamic in the space.

Sound sample previews:

ha ha ha ha ha

i’m not angry

no, you can say what you like but…

The work explores the gap between conversations, and asks what the audience is prepared to fill in. Are we happy to overhear? Can we empathise with a disconnected voice?

* specious – plausible but false; Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious; Deceptively attractive; Apparently good or right though lacking real merit.

Version 3 of Specious Dialogue will be shown at ISEA in Belfast 26-29 Aug 09, and at www.tweak.ie in Limerick 21-26 Sept.

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3 Responses

  1. The Bleak Outlook
    A: Why is everything so difficult?
    B: What do you mean? What is everything?
    A: My life it feels like it’s too difficult.
    B: In what sense – health?
    A: I want to be happy and things happen to make me sad.
    A: I am trying to do the right thing, and it gets fucked up.
    B: Right – can you be more specific?
    A: No. I can’t. There’s no point. And i can’t sit here and type.

  2. The Mundane
    A: Are you going to that gig tonight?
    B: Yes
    A: Am I?
    B: If you want to. She asked me to bring as many people as possible
    A: I was going to meet Emma
    B: Ohhh thats fine too. I’ll be taking pictures there.
    A: Are you sure you don’t mind?
    B: Yeah. The place is a shit hole
    A: I don’t care about that. It’s just Tottenham is fuck far away from New Cross.

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